Iulia Vantur finally opens up about her relationship status

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Iulia VanturThough Romanian beauty Iulia Vantur has always maintained her we are just best friends stance, as far as her equation with Salman Khan is concerned, she has confirmed that her “heart belongs to someone”, on The Kapil Sharma Show, on Sunday.

Iulia was at her humorous best on the show as she fielded the jokes and the jibes by Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover and Kiku Sharda sportingly and managed to crack a joke or a two, of her own. Subtlety is what worked in her favour be it her carefully thought out one-liners or her simple yet graceful black dress by Avaro Figlio.

Not for a moment, she looked awkward, even with her limited knowledge of Hindi. Let’s just say, she stole the show, with her grace and wit hands down.

There was hardly any reference to her love life on the show. Accept, when a fan asked her hand for her son, Iulia all of a sudden said something very unexpected. “My heart belongs to someone else.” When asked to name that “someone”, she said, “it’s right here hidden in my heart.”

Aww! That’s really sweet, Iualia. Salman Khan and Iulia Vantur have not made their relationship public yet. But do we really need a confirmation after this?
Credit : Intoday